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Risk management is a less structured profession

First, I think there are many risk managers for whom risk is a secondary element of their…

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  • Confidentiality — only those authorized by the owners of the data can see it.
  • Integrity — the data in the system can be trusted to be accurate…

Author illustration from Canva

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Phase transitions (I): water to ice or steam

Phase transition is the point where a gas turns into a liquid or a liquid to a solid: it’s the point where the state of matter changes. …

Author image based on the works of Turner, Toft and Reynolds

Seven takeaways from reviewing my degree notes.

Putting in the miles, Wadi Rum, Jordan (author image and shadow)

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Sometimes, you just need to pick up other people’s slack

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How to become more proactive

Andrew Sheves

I’m an analogue operator in a digital environment who thinks simplification = optimization. I build and share risk management tools at

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